Signet Bank management and shareholders

Signet Bank is led by a skilled team with international experience in managing financial institutions. The statement that the client is in the first place is not mere words for Signet Bank! We take every client personally and nobody becomes a part of Signet by chance.

Management Team

Roberts Idelsons
Chairman of the Board

Roberts holds a Master’s degree from the University of Latvia Faculty of Economics. Roberts began his career with the Riga Stock Exchange in 1995. From 2003 till 2010, he chaired the Board of Citadele Asset Management, and headed Citadele banka’s Private Capital Management Directorate to take part in the restructuring of Parex Banka and building up Citadele banka as a result. Beyond that, Roberts chaired the Board of Directors at Switzerland’s AP Anlage & Privatbank AG. He has been Chairman of the Board at Signet Bank since 2013.

Tatjana Drobina
Member of the Board

Tatjana obtained a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Latvia. She is a Certified Internal Auditor, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. Tatjana has been active in the financial sector since 1995. She was a CFO and Head of Internal Audit at asset management company VB Financial Markets, later a Board member and CFO at BlueOrange Bank. Tatjana joined Signet Bank in June 2013.

Sergejs Zaicevs
Member of the Board

Sergejs graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Latvia Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, launching his career in financial management at Procter&Gamble’s Baltic Office. Since 2001, he worked with several banks and investment management businesses in Latvia, holding management positions, in charge of servicing high net worth individuals and investment management. Sergejs’ work with Signet Bank began in June 2013, where he is currently a Member of the Board.

Jānis Solovjakovs
Member of the Board

Jānis received his Master’s degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Latvia. He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and his area of expertise is risk and compliance management at credit institutions. In 2002, he made his career at Citadele Bank in the field of credit institutions’ risk and compliance management. He joined Signet Bank in June 2013 to head our Risk and Compliance Department. In June 2018, he was appointed to the Bank’s Board.

Ineta Done
Senior Vice President

Ineta studied Social Sciences at the University of Latvia, graduating with a Master’s degree in Management Science. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from the BA School of Business and Finance, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Art Academy of Latvia. Ineta has been employed in the financial sector since 1994. She worked at Parex Banka as Deputy Head of Customer Relations, as Head of the Branch Network and Head of Private Banking, and as Head of Private Banking at Citadele Bank. Her professional horizons expanded further still in 2011, in her new position as Head of the European Region Business Department at MDM – one of the largest Russian banks. Since 2013, Ineta has been with Signet Bank as Senior Vice President and head of its Private Banking Devision. She is also a Member of the Board at the Bank’s subsidiary, Signet Asset Management Latvia.

Reinis Zauers
Head of the Legal Department

Reinis has a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Law at University of Latvia. His work experience in the field of law began in 1999, having since worked for numerous private and state government organisations. In 2003, Reinis transitioned to the financial sector, successfully holding various positions, most notably as a lawyer at the Parex Banka Financial Markets and Investment Management Department, and as head of the BlueOrange Legal Department and later part of its executive team. Since 2013, he has headed the Legal Department at Signet Bank and has contributed to its upper management group, while also holding the position of Member of the Board at Signet Asset Management Latvia.


Signet Acquisition III, USA
Participation in capital 25.00%

Signet Acquisition III is based in United States of America and its sole shareholder is Alexander Solovey, an experienced US investor.

SIA Hansalink, Latvia
Participation in capital 22.30%

SIA Hansalink is based in Latvia and its founders are professionals with over 20 years of experience in banking and international investments – Irina Pigozne and Mikhail Serdtsev.

AS RIT Group, Igor Rapoport, Tatjana Rapoporta, Latvia
Total participation in capital 19.50%

AS RIT Group is based in Latvia and owned by Igor Rapoport, an experienced international investor.

Robert Idelson, Latvia
Participation in capital 4.91%

Chairman of the Board at Signet Bank since 2013.

Soloman Rutenberg, USA
Participation in capital 9.90%

Natalija Petkevicha, Latvia
Participation in capital 9.86%

Leonid Kaplan, Israel
Participation in capital 8.29%

Rahmiels Deics, Latvia
Participation in capital 0.24%

Board of Directors

Michael Balboni
Chairman of the Supervisory Council
Irina Pigozne
Deputy chairwoman of Supervisory Council
Sergey Medvedev
Supervisory Council member
Thomas Neckmar
Supervisory Council member