About us

Exactly, this is not an ordinary bank. Understanding the customer’s needs and experiences is one of our core operating principles. We do not apply a standard approach for achieving customer goals, each solution is found by thoroughly analysing each situation individually and following the global trends in the industry.

Facts about Signet Bank


Top class service since 2013

Here our clients find experienced professionals who manage their assets, as well as trustworthy partners who care about achieving their goals, growing their capital, ensuring the welfare of their family and further success of their businesses.


Clients have entrusted Signet Bank to manage over EUR 1 billion

The highest level of customer service goes beyond finance. It is capital management and investment structuring that exceeds expectations both in terms of product quality and the ability to delve into detail.


Individual approach as a basic principle

Our relationship is based on mutual trust and individual approach, and these are our main values. We devote our time to each client in order to understand and recognize their personality as an investor, as a business leader, and as a family member.


A Bank that is capable of saying “No”

We pride ourselves on being able to find individual solutions to preserve and multiply the funds of each of our clients, yet we strongly reject any suspicious transfer or questionable transaction. We are sure that each of our clients deserves a bank with an unchallenged reputation.

The bank was founded in 1992 as Latvijas Biznesa Banka. Since 2013, the bank has focused its strategy on servicing entrepreneurs and their companies, with an emphasis on high-quality capital management and structuring investment projects.

When addressing the needs and wishes of each of our clients, we are looking for the overall solution: both by providing individual services to their family and by offering optimal solutions to the client’s business.

Signet Bank shareholders are 56% Latvian and 35% United States investors.

The bank is located in Riga, Latvia, supervised by the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Signet Bank management and shareholders

Signet Bank is led by a skilled team with international experience in managing financial institutions.

Picture of the management team (from left): Jānis Solovjakovs, Tatjana Drobina, Roberts Idelsons, Reinis Zauers, Ineta Done, Sergejs Zaicevs

Signet Bank in numbers as at 31.12.2021

€ 1.2 bill.
Assets under management and administration
€ 358 mill.
€ 18 mill.
16 %
adequacy ratio
€ 200 mill.
Financing provided to clients in 2021
217 %
Liquidity coverage

Signet Asset Management Latvia

The company was founded in 2010, and its team comprises investment professionals with years of experience in European and Eastern European financial markets. In addition to working with individual client portfolios, Signet Asset Management Latvia also manages a third-level private pension plan and an investment fund Signet Bond Fund.

A Bank with a Vision of Sustainable Development

Signet Bank builds its activities with sustainability principles in mind, gradually integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations into the company’s operations.

Signet Bank support for society

We are united by the belief that culture and art provide not only aesthetic pleasure, but also unlock our intellectual and creative potential. Signet Bank is a socially responsible entity, and it is important for us to provide support for cultural and artistic events of importance for society.

Signet Bank art collection

Since 2015 we have been gathering an international collection of contemporary art, which includes paintings, sculptures, graphics and mixed media works. The bottom line of the collection is the courage to abandon clichés and the desire to be bold. The interiors of the Bank are highlighted – by many works from this collection, supplementing them so organically and sharing with our guests the emotions we experience in contact with art.