Suggestions and feedback

Signet Bank particularly cares about the quality and professionalism of client service. It’s important for the Bank that each client would receive special attention and tailored financial solutions. To maintain the highest quality level of service and to be on constant service improvement, for us your suggestions and feedback are very important.

We kindly invite each client to express his/ her views to the Bank for its service quality level, advice for improvements, as well as information about the problems that you faced using the services provided by the Bank, in one of the following ways:

  • send an email to;
  • call to the Bank’ s contact phone + 371 67080 000;
  • send message in Internet bank;
  • visit the Bank personally;
  • send a message to the Bank’s address 3 Antonijas Street, Riga, Latvia, LV – 1010.

Once notified, the Bank will examine your message immediately and carefully and will provide an answer in the shortest time possible, but not later than in 30 days. We will try to give an answer to your message immediately if you will approach the Bank in person or give a call to the Bank’s contact phone + 371 67080 000. However, if the reply takes a longer time, the Bank’s employee will inform you about deadline when the reply will be provided.

The Bank is entitled to leave unanswered messages from anonymous persons or the content of which is blatantly offensive and provocative. In this case, the client will be informed that this message will not be examined by the merits.

The Bank will provide a response to the client in person, by telephone (to identified clients) or will send a reply to the client in Internet bank.

If client is not satisfied with the response provided by the Bank, then in case of issues related to non-cash credit transfers and transactions by electronic payment instruments, client may file a complaint with the Ombudsman of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks following the “Procedure for Reviewing the Complaints of Credit Institution Customers by the Ombudsman of the Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia” approved by the Council of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks, or to the Financial and Capital Market Commission, or to Consumer Rights Protection Centre if client a consumer within the meaning of Consumer Rights Protection Law.