If you are drawn to Signet Bank’s philosophy, and your professional ambitions and values are consistent with our vision, we would love to have you among us.


Paid Internship Position
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Signet Bank is offering a paid internship position in Investment Consulting


  • examine financial data and help forming investment decisions;
  • research macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals and technicals to make financial predictions;
  • participate in the development of investment reviews on financial market trends;
  • participate in the development of articles, presentations and other informative materials on investment-related issues;
  • assist in the implementation of the investment projects and services in Private Banking Division.

Required skills and education:

  • higher education (or a student) in economics or finance;
  • genuine interest in financial markets;
  • understanding of the basics of financial instruments valuation; basic knowledge of financial analysis;
  • good analytical skills, ability to work with large amounts of data;
  • excellent relationship with MS Office software;
  • desire to learn and quickly master new skills;
  • internal motivation and ability to work both independently and in a team;
  • ability to express an opinion verbally and in writing in English and preferably also in Latvian and / or Russian.

You will have an opportunity to:

  • start your career in financial services industry;
  • join a team of seasoned market professionals;
  • quickly learn new knowledge from experienced colleagues;
  • implement your professional ideas;

We are waiting for your CV and motivation letter with the reference “Intern in Investment Consulting” until May 17, 2021 to e-mail

We will contact the candidates who will be included in the next selection round.

How we think

A company’s values reflect a certain promise to the client. Whether the client receives the promised experience reflects on the company’s reputation. Therefore, our conduct should always reflect Signet’s 3 principles:

1. Personalised service goes beyond finance

We have the rare opportunity to get to know our client closer, pay attention to detail and find out what their specific needs are.

In order to cater the best solutions to each client, we build on our experience and knowledge continuously. And we go beyond finance: from ownership structuring to education for a client’s children, we care about every aspect of their lifestyle.

2. Our work is about partnership and trust

We are a trusted, reliable partner available to our clients at any time, and our services are always flexible. Signet Bank places the greatest value in its secure partnerships with clients.

3. We trust our experiences and always strive to improve

We always go the extra mile. We refuse to stop at what we know well. We keep bettering ourselves, expanding our knowledge and seeking novel solutions that will make our clients happy.

How we act

What we do, and what we do not do, gives clients an understanding of who we are.

And so we:

Respect the bank’s regulations
Hear our clients out and take care of their needs
Seek solutions to any issue
Offer more than the client demands
Expect the client to trust us
Always strive for excellence in our field
Do Not
Keep quiet when we should object
Promise the impossible
Consent to illegal conduct
Disclose what should stay private
Refuse to learn

Choose a bank that cares about your situation

We serve bespoke solutions to each client